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Last Updated: May 26 2020 01:22 pm UTC

This integration will allow you to engage with your audience using beautiful campaigns, personalized automation series, and other marketing tools. You can find your Pipedrive integration in the Integration section

Start by clicking the Edit Settings button. 

There are two ways to synchronize the data between these two platforms:

Using API

Go to your Pipedrive Settings section — > Personal Preferences —> API,

That’s where you’ll find your API token. Make sure to copy it. 

Go back to your Mailigen account. This is where you can paste your API key:

Click Connect. That’s it - you’re all set!

By logging into your Pipedrive account

Start by clicking on the Connect button,

Note: Make sure that you have an active free trial or a purchased plan on your Pipedrive account.

You’ll be redirected to the Pipedrive login page where you have to use your Pipedrive credentials to login (if you haven’t logged in already).

Once that’s done, you’ll be redirected to the Mailigen/Pipedrive app connection page. Click the Continue to the App button:

After that, you’ll be once again redirected back to your Mailigen account where you’ll be able to start enjoying the perks of this integration!

Note: If the connection is successful, the Mailigen Pipedrive Integration status should be Connected

The two-way synchronization 

For a two-way synchronization we have created two one-way syncing options. To start the process of synchronization, you will have to create a Sync Bot (Mailigen to Pipedrive) or do a New Import (Pipedrive to Mailigen).

Sync Bots are templates for automatic synchronization. You will be able to choose your own conditions for automatic processes that will happen in the background. 

New Import option will let you do a manual import of your contacts. You will be able to choose your own conditions, but the process won't be automated.

You’ll also be able to add as many sync bots as you’d like. This is useful if you want to run different filters and contact data to different lists or act differently on email campaign engagement for different lists/segments. 

Simply click on  the Edit settings button and a new section will appear, where you can start exploring the options:

Pipedrive to Mailigen synchronization 

You’ll be able to collect your Pipedrive data and bring it to Mailgen.

Note: This is a one-time import. If you need to renew your data, you have to create a manual import again. Check the tips for the process of reimporting contacts here. Imports can only be created with Pipedrive person filters

Click on the New Import button,

A popup window will appear and this is where you’ll be able to choose which data you’d like to be synchronized.


Choose your Pipedrive filter using the drop-down menu. 

Select a Mailigen list which you’d like to sync with. 

Choose which fields you want to sync with Mailigen. 

Don’t forget to hit the Save button.

If the synchronization is successful, the status will change to  Active. You’ll be able to edit or delete the bot at any time.

  • Pipedrive filter — the filter you've selected.

  • Mailigen list — the list you've selected to synchronize

  • Status — the status of your Synch Bot. This is where you can see whether it's active or inactive.

  • Actions — these options allow you to edit or delete your sync bot.

Note: When you want to keep a Mailigen list up to date with your Pipedrive contacts, you will have to do another Pipedrive -> Mailigen import.
Reimporting contacts to the same Mailigen list will not create duplicate entries in the list.
Reimporting contacts to the same Mailigen list will not remove any contacts from the list that were added by a previous import that no longer matches the filter criteria. 

Tips for the Process of Reimporting Contacts

As the sync bot only works for manual import and the updates don't happen automatically, you might want to avoid previously imported contacts that don't match the filter conditions used in Pipedrive.

To avoid keeping unwanted contacts in the mailing list, follow the instructions below:

When importing a batch of contacts in the same list that already has Pipedrive data synchronized once, you first have to add a custom field in your Pipedrive account that will be updated with a unique value.

Bulk update the custom fields value to any value that will be easy to recognize later, for example, «new»

After this is done, you can continue with the import process in Mailigen.

You will see that there might be more contacts than imported in the list. You can distinguish the newly imported contacts by the value you added.

To select only the up to date contacts, create a segment based on this new value you have added:

This way you will be able to send a campaign only to the contacts you have imported recently.


Mailigen to Pipedrive synchronization

Click the New Sync Bot button, 

A popup window will appear where you’ll be able to select your custom updates for Pipedrive. 

Select a Mailigen list which you’d like to sync with.

Customize your updates for Pipedrive:

  • Create an activity — this is where you can select how you’d like the activity to be recorded. For example, if a contact opens an email, you can select whether you’d like the activity to be recorded as a Custom activity “Emails opened”, a note or both.  The title of the campaign, archive link, and subject line will be added to the contact.

  • Create New Deals —  You’ll be able to create new deals on your Pipedrive anytime a contact opens or clicks on your campaign. Use this with caution if you have an active email marketing program as there might come multiple deals for one contact.

  • Create contacts — A contact will be created on your Pipedrive anytime someone subscribes to receive a newsletter from you on Mailigen. Name, email and phone number field will be shared. 

Once you’re done, click the “Save” button.

After successful synchronization, the status of your bot will change to “Active”. 

  • Mailigen list — the list you've selected to synchronize.

  • Pipedrive action — the action you've selected.

  • Status — the status of your sync bot.

  • Actions — these options allow you to edit or delete your sync bot.

Note: To reconnect or change the Pipedrive account connected to Mailigen disable the integration, click the “Disconnect Integration” button at the bottom of the synchronization section:
IMPORTANT TO KNOW: By disabling the integration you will lose all Sync Bots.

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