Email Campaign Merge Tags: All you need to know about Merge Tags

Last Updated: May 17 2020 02:03 pm UTC

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How to use merge tags?

Merge tags are also known as personalization fields or personalization tags. Merge tags allow you to insert ("merge") data from your mailing list directly into your email campaigns. 

For example, if you’d like to insert your subscriber’s first name into your email, you use the merge tag #[FNAME]#. Every time our system sees the tag #[FNAME]# in your email, it will replace this tag with the unique data associated with each recipient on your list.

This is where you can find the list of merge tags in the drag n` drop editor:

Another example, let's say you want to send your email newsletter with a personalized subject line and insert a customized merge tag about the recipients’ profession in the content of the campaign.

Here’s a short video on how it works:



  • If you send a test email from the “Templates” section, merge tags won’t be displayed since it won’t be connected to a list. 

  • The symbol limit for custom merge tags is 150.

  • You cannot edit merge tags as then they will be ruined and will not work.

  •  If there isn't any data for this merge tag in your list there will be a blank space where the merge tag should be. The user won't see or suspect that there should be something

Email Preview with Working Merge Tags

To see if your inserted Merge tags are working use the Email Preview option.

Go to the 5th Step of Email Campaign Wizard. Just hover over the Email Campaign Image and email preview option will appear.

Click on the Email Preview button. This action will open a new window in which an Inbox version of your newsletter will be shown. 

Simply click on the Show Data button which is located at the bottom of the Email Preview. 

There are two buttons displayed:

  • Hide Data - This will hide the data which is displayed in the Merge Tags

  • Next - will switch to the next contact in your list to show the contact information in the Merge Tags 


Why Do I Get a Warning That Says That Merge Tags Are Missing?

Amongst other requirements, the CAN-SPAM ACT rules require the following to be included in all unsolicited marketing emails:

If an unsolicited marketing email does not include all these requirements, the sending account will be suspended or permanently blocked.  

The missing Merge Tags can be added either manually or you can let our system add them.

Adding the fields automatically: 

Simply click Add fields and they will be automatically added to your campaign.

Note: If you choose to let our platform add the required signature block to your email, the signature block will include additional links that are recommended, but are not required. You can delete the following links if you want:
  • Why am I receiving this email?
  • Update your profile

Adding fields manually:

Open the email in an editor, and locate the mouse cursor where you want to insert a merge tag.

In the Editor toolbar, from the Merge tags dropdown list, select and insert the required merge tags.

Note: Without mandatory fields, our system won’t allow you to send out your campaign


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