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Last Updated: Jun 30 2020 08:41 am UTC

Mailigen's horizontal navigation was moved to the left hand side to maximize your workspace and leave room for more products as Mailigen continues to grow.

What else was changed? 

  • A collapsable secondary navigation was also added so you can easily access your tools when you need them.

  • SMS campaigns have been moved to the general Campaigns tab under the vertical navigation. 

  • Your personal and company-wide settings have also been combined to provide an easier way to manage your account.

Note: All existing Mailigen users will be on the new navigation on June 30. If you have questions, please reach out to our support team. 



Primary navigation

Your Lists, Campaigns, Automations, Surveys, and any related features can now easily be accessed in the horizontal navigation on the left hand side of your screen. 


  1. Lists— Manage and customize your subscribers lists.

  2. Subscriber lists— The list of contacts an email campaign is associated with 

  3. Segments— Divide your subscriber lists into smaller segments based on specific criteria

  4. Signup forms— Create custom signup forms where visitors can join your mailing list 

  5. Global suppression list— The list of contacts who have chosen to "unsubscribe from everything" and no longer wish to receive any more email campaigns 

  1. Campaigns— Manage and customize your email and SMS campaigns 

  2. Email campaigns— Send and manage email campaigns 

  3. Email campaign templates— Upload or select from default email campaign templates 

  4. SMS campaigns— Send text campaigns via SMS to mobile devices

  1. Automations— Manage and customize trigger based email campaigns 

  2. Automations— Set up automatic email series when subscribers meet a specific trigger 

  3. Reports— See detailed analytics for your automation series 

  1. Surveys— Manage and customize surveys 

  2. Surveys— Create surveys to collect feedback from your subscribers 

  3. Reports— See detailed analytics for your surveys 

Secondary Navigation 

After clicking on an item in your primary navigation, a secondary navigation will expand, providing you with more tools related to the specific area you are in. 

The secondary navigation can be collapsed to maximize your workspace, but you can access it easily even in the collapsed state by hovering your mouse over the edge of the collapsed secondary navigation. 


Account settings and User Profile 

The Profile and settings icon in the top right corner will bring you to your personal and company-wide settings. 

  1. Profile— Change personal and company settings 

  2. Company— Manage company account settings 

  3. Account settings— Update your time zone and notifications settings

  4. Users and permissions— Manage and add users to your company account  

  5. Sender Information— Manage your email and SMS sender information 

  6. Manage subscription— Choose a subscription plan and purchase additional credits   

  7. Billing details— Add your billing address and bank account information 

  8. Invoices— View your invoices 

  9. Tools and Integrations— View and manage any integrations connected to your account 

  10. Pipedrive sync— Sync your data with Pipedrive 

  11. Email Authentication— Authenticate your email domain 

  12. Click tracking domains— Set up your custom tracking domain 

  13. API Keys— Integrate Mailigen with another app 

  14. Webhooks— Set up programmed notifications from contact list activities 

  15. Stores— Connect our eCommerce store to your account  

  16. Go to Pipedrive Sales— Switch to Pipedrive  

  17. Log out— Log out of your account  

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