List Management: What is a Permission Reminder and How Can I Change It?

Last Updated: Dec 30 2018 03:48 pm UTC

A permission reminder is a short message that reminds recipient why they are receiving your email and how they joined your list (i.e., a website, an event, over the phone, product purchase etc.).

Note: Permission reminder must contain the name of the company or brand, website ( or event where the person has subscribed.

This message will be visible to the subscribers, therefore adding an accurate and detailed permission reminder will minimize a chance for confusion and reduce spam complaints.

Most common cause for people to unsubscribe or complain is that they don't remember where and if they actually signed up for your emails!


  • "You are receiving this email because you are customer of Example Company."
  • "You are are receiving this email since you subscribed to our newsletter on "Example" conference or seminar."
  • "You are receiving this email because you agreed to receive newsletters from "Example" company over a phone conversation."

How to change the permission reminder

Click on the My Lists option from the List Menu.

Click on the Actions button and choose the Settings option. This will open the Edit List Window.


Enter the reminder message in the Subscription Permission Reminder TextBox and click the Save Changes Button to commit the changes.

The permission reminder message can also be added to your email campaign as a merge tag #[LIST:DESCRIPTION]# during Step 4: Content of campaign wizard. 

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