Create And Import Your First List: Adding Emails To A List (VIDEO)

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Once you have a list, you can add subscribers. There are three methods for adding subscribers to your email list: manually one by one, by copying an entire list, or by importing the list. Later, you can segment the list, so that a campaign is sent only to the appropriate subscribers.

List creation process consists of three stages:

Creating a new list

Adding subscribers to a list

Segmenting a list


To add subscribers to a list:

On the main toolbar, click on Lists.

The list window appears. Click on the list title you want to upload subscribers to.

After you have chosen the list you want to add subscribers to, you will be redirected to the list view.

On the right side, you will see a button Add subscribers. When clicking on it, a drop-down appears, and you can choose one of three options how to add contacts:

  • Add one-by-one - add a specific subscriber separately.

  • Import file - import .xls, .csv or .txt file up to 7MB.

  • Paste from Excel - Copy then paste your subscribers from a file.

Click on the One-by-one option

A pop-up window will appear where you can add information about the subscriber

Note: This article covers only the One-by-one method of adding subscribers. To learn more about all the methods, see How to Import a Subscriber List

In the pop-up window, that appears, fill in details for the new subscriber. As you get started, add only yourself to the list. That way, at the end of the campaign creation process, you can send yourself the campaign to see how it works.

  • Email Address —Type in your own email address.

  • First Name — Type in your first name.

  • Last Name — Type in your last name.

Send email confirmation request — Leave this checkbox unselected for now. This checkbox is only used to send a confirmation email to the new subscriber so he/she could agree to receive newsletters online.

Click Add a subscriber at the bottom of the screen.

To add subscribers to another list just click “Back to lists“ link and choose the one you need.

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