Regular Email Campaigns: Creating A Link In My Email Campaign (VIDEO)

Last Updated: Sep 09 2020 05:40 pm UTC

In email campaigns, you typically provide a link to let the recipient "jump" to the website associated with the campaign.

Keep in mind that there's another use for a link in an email newsletter: there should be an unsubscribe link in the email footer to enable recipients to unsubscribe from mailings. Learn about other mandatory fields here.

Our platform lets you track the links in your campaign, allowing you to see which subscribers clicked links. For more information, see the topic About click tracking.

How to Add a Link to a Text Block

Activate a text block by clicking on the pencil or double click;

In the settings, click on the link icon and a pop-up will appear,

Add your link (or merge tag) and click OK.

Note: In front of the link there always has to be http:// , otherwise the system will not recognize entry as a link.

The added link will look like this:

How to Add a Link to an Image

Activate the block by clicking on the pencil;

In the settings, add a link (or merge tag) in the input field that is called “Link“ and save. Remember that http:// must always be included.

Adding Links With Merge Tags

Merge tags allow you to insert ("merge") personalized and system data into your email campaigns and that can also mean adding links.

There are several system merge tags that are connected to links and you can create your own merge tags if you connect them to an existing link. For example, instead of typing the whole address of your archive link you can just type #[ARCHIVE]# and it will automatically lead your subscribers to the archive link.

You can also use the merge tag drop down in a text block and choose one of the URL related tags.

This is how the merge tag will be added:

Check the full list of merge tags here.

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