Regular Email Campaigns: How Can My Company Meet Your Terms Of Use And Follow Anti-Spam Laws?

Last Updated: May 13 2020 11:25 am UTC

We provide high-quality, legitimate email marketing services to businesses and organizations that have an established list of permission-based opt-in email addresses. Our platform is provided only to users (even for a trial period) who have agreed to our Terms of Use.

When it comes to compliance with rules, spamming is a particularly critical issue. What is spam anyway? A loose definition is an email that has been sent to someone without his or her permission. Spam is also called "unsolicited", "junk" or "unwanted" because the recipient has not requested it and did not want it. Follow our blog to learn about spam-free successful email marketing.

We prohibit users from sending unsolicited commercial emails in any form. If you use our services to spam, we will terminate your account immediately. What's more, we will not refund any money you may have paid for those services.

For more information about our anti-spam policy, see Anti-Spam Policy.

Keeping Free of Spam

We help you make sure you are compliant with anti-spam rules:

  • New client verification: To send your first email campaign to more than 100 recipients, you must upgrade from a trial account to at least a regular paid account. During an upgrade, we will perform a review of your account to make sure you are compliant with their terms and regulations by means of a verification questionnaire.
  • Mass contacts upload: Whenever you upload contacts by using the Upload File or Copy/Paste from Excel options, we will ask you to certify that users have opted into the list. If we will receive a complaint that you have spammed someone, we will ask you to furnish proof that the recipient has opted into your list. In case this information cannot be provided your account will be terminated.

More about that in this topic: Create and import your list.

Also, make sure your email is not "spammy" using the Spam Score Check. During the stage of newsletter creation, before you send out your campaign, you can test how likely your letter is to be considered spam, by clicking Spam Score Check as shown in the image below. For more information, see Email Creation.

Read more about keeping your email campaigns spam-free here: Tips to improve email delivery.

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