Regular Email Campaigns: Uploading And Editing Images To My Email Campaign (VIDEO)

Last Updated: Sep 09 2020 05:30 pm UTC

All the email marketing messages you send are sent from our servers. So, for our platform to display an image in your email campaign, you must upload a copy to our server.

To upload and edit an image in your email

In the 3rd step of email creating wizard or in a templates section, choose an email template,

Click on the Images tab,

You can add images to your email campaigns in three ways:

  • Drag and drop—simply drag the image from your computer to your email template and release your mouse button where you want the image to be placed.
  • Image Carousel—click on the Images Tab and drop the image from your computer to the ''Drag Image Here'' icon on the left-hand side of the carousel. Then from the Image Carousel drag the image into the email template where you want the picture to be added.

  • File upload—you can also upload image files from your computer to the image server via the Moxie Manager. Just click the File Button (pencil with a piece of paper) on the right-hand side of the image carousel to launch the MoxieManager window and then click on the Upload Button.
Note: If you do not drop the image into an existing image block, a new image block will be created.

For more information about image editing read the article Image Uploading and Editing in Drag and Drop template editor section.

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