Working With Segments: Remove Inactive Subscribers

Last Updated: Dec 03 2019 11:08 am UTC

Inactive subscribers are the recipients who have not opened any email campaigns you have sent or the contacts that haven't confirmed their consent when a double opt-in form is used.

Note: Every list has an "Inactive" section, but this only includes the subscribers that haven't confirmed their consent.

What to Do With Inactive Subscribers?

We suggest removing inactive subscribers periodically to keep them from receiving emails that they clearly do not wish to receive (but have yet to unsubscribe themselves from the list).

To remove inactive subscribers:

STEP 1 — First, create a segment of the lists from which you wish to remove inactive subscribers. For more information about how to create a segment, see the support topic “How to Create a Segment

STEP 2 — Second, select an Activity Filter and choose the option “not opened” and “date range

STEP 3 — Third, specify a time for the date range. We recommend “6 months” but you can choose whichever date range you want.​

Note: If you choose a date range of inactivity that is close to the current date, you might want to add an extra subscriber-based filter: date added → is before + date in order to avoid removing new subscribers who haven't had a chance to open any campaigns yet.

STEP 4 — Finally, visit your segments by selecting the Segments option from the Contacts menu. Click on the checkbox on the left side of the segment to select all users and click on the Unsubscribe icon.

Re-sending Confirmation Email

The contacts who use a double opt-in form, receive a confirmation email, but the confirmation link is only valid for 24h. If the link is not working anymore or the subscriber hasn't received the email for any other reason, you can resend the email.

STEP 1 — Go to your list and open Inactive section

STEP 2 — Check the status of the contact:

  • If it states "Too early to resend" you have to wait when the current confirmation link expires to resend the email (confirmation link expires in 24h).

  • If it states "Too old to resend" you will have to delete the contact from the inactive section and add it again.

  • If you can resend the email, you will see a round arrow icon that states "Resend activation request". Click on the icon to resend the email.

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