Email Campaign Templates: Saving and recovering templates

Last Updated: May 14 2020 01:00 pm UTC

Saving templates 

When you have made changes to your existing template, you can click on the Save and exit button in the bottom right corner. A window will pop-up asking you to name your template. If you want the changes to be saved in the existing template just click OK without changing the title of the template.  

Note: If you change the title of the template it will be saved as a new template. 

You can also click on the Exit button on the top right corner which will give you "You are about to exit without saving changes made to the template" message. If you don't want to save changes, click the Exit without saving button. If you decide to save changes, you will be brought to the ''name your template'' pop up window. 

Template recovery 

When working on a template it is autosaved every 30 seconds. The recovery files are kept in the Template Recovery folder under  My templates section, so in case you accidentally leave the page without saving the changes, you will be able to recover it. 

Note: The recovery file won't be saved if you click "exit without saving".

In "Recovered templates" folder you will have 3 options for each autosave: 

  • View large – view the autosaved template in full size 
  • Recover – overwrite the existing template using the autosaved template 
  • Discard – delete the autosaved template without changing the existing template 

If you open a template that has a recovery template available you will get a message "Recovery Template available". You will have two options: 

  • Discard – delete the autosaved file and work with the existing template 
  • Recover – overwrite the existing template with the autosaved information. The existing template's information will be lost in this case. 

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