Working With Segments: Segment Based on a New Value

Last Updated: Apr 20 2020 10:45 am UTC

If you want to make a segment, but not sure how to filter out just the contacts you need, you can add a new value just for this purpose. This can be useful, for example, if you want to filter just the contacts starting with a particular letter. 

Adding a new column

If you have your list outside the Mailigen platform, just add a new column and create a new easily distinguishable value, for example, “1” and import these details using the Update existing subscriber details option. Follow the steps in the video.

Filter your contacts outside the Mailigen platform and add a new value, for example, "1" in a new column.

Then, name the column as you would like to see it in your list on the Mailigen platform.

Once that's done, copy the newly updated list in your excel document.

Go to your list and select Add subscriber → Paste from excel.

Paste your updated list. If you have copied the names of the columns, tick the checkbox First row in the file contains column headings.

Now, tick the checkbox Update existing subscriber details and click the Update subscribers button to continue.

Finally, find the new column, name it and click the Add new field button.

Creating a segment based on the new value

After you have added the new value, creating a segment should be easy. 

Start by creating a new segment, based on the list and name it,

Under the Subscriber-based filter choose the newly created column,

Then,  select the appropriate condition and enter the value that the segment will be based on.

When you're done, click the Create button.

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