Regular Email Campaigns: Sharing Campaigns Between Accounts

Last Updated: Nov 28 2019 09:09 am UTC


Using the same campaign template in several accounts can be very useful. You can easily copy a campaign from one account and save it in another.

Steps to copy a campaign to another account:

STEP 1 —  Open campaigns section,

STEP 2 — Click on magnifying glass icon to see the preview,

STEP 3 — Click on the archive link icon and copy the URL of the campaign,

STEP 4 — Switch to another account,

STEP 5 — Open templates section or the Design step when creating a campaign,

STEP 6 — Import the campaign using Import from URL option,

STEP 7 — Paste the URL,

STEP 8 — Click on Import URL,

STEP 9 — Save changes.

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