Create SMS Campaign: SMS Campaign Templates

Last Updated: May 17 2020 04:49 pm UTC

SMS Campaign Templates enable you to save frequently used text messages and load them quickly into the SMS Campaign Editor.

Creating a New SMS Campaign Template

Select the My SMS Campaigns option from the SMS Menu. This will open the SMS Campaign Window,

Click on the New SMS campaign button on the right,

Create the content for the template.

Use the Message Text area to select merge fields you want to include. You can only add merge tags after you have selected a segment or list from which to populate the campaign.

Enter whatever text you want the message to say, keeping track of the character count.

When you are finished, click the Save as New SMS Template icon to save the message text as a template.

In the event that you wish to load a template into the message text area, click the Select SMS Template icon. This will open the SMS Template Window.

The SMS Template Window enables you to select a previously saved SMS template that will automatically populate the Message Text area with the content from that template. This makes it simple and easy to replicate SMS campaigns if you are only changing a little bit of text. When you have identified the SMS template to use, click the Select button. This will close the window and populate the Message Text area with the template contents.

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