Working With Automation Series: SMS In Automation Series

Last Updated: May 15 2020 03:09 pm UTC

In addition to email campaigns, you can add SMS campaigns in your automation series.

Start by creating a regular automation or use one of our blueprints.

You will see an option to Add SMS:

NOTE: Make sure the list that is in the automation series has an SMS field with valid phone numbers ready. If the list does not have this field ready, please check how to add a new value to your list here.

You will be able to add:

You will be able to configure:

  • Message settings (Split SMS, Google Analytics, Unicode SMS)

  • Sending Preferences (Sending on particular days/times, using the receiver's time zone)

After you have set up the SMS step (campaign), you can arrange it as regular automation series.

You will also be able to see the reports for the sent SMS:

  • Delivered SMS (Sent SMS)

  • Click rate (SMS clicks)


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