Create And Customize Web Signup Forms: Subscribing to One or Several Segments

Last Updated: Dec 03 2019 09:56 am UTC

Every list has its own web sign-up form, however, one or more lists may have several segments. You can create segments after the subscribers are already on the list based on their needs, but you can be one step ahead if you give the new subscribers an option to choose which segments they want to be in.

Adding Segments in your Sign-up Form

Adding segments is not much else than adding new value for every subscriber on the list. This can be used, for example, to subscribe to your newsletter in a particular language.

STEP 1 — Go to web form section and choose a list. 

STEP 2 — Add a new field to your list by clicking on "select form fields". Choose a "checkbox" type and define the options. This should be a required field.

STEP 3 — Go to segments section and create a segment for each given option (in this example language). Do not forget to enable auto-update.

Now every new subscriber will have an option to choose a language and will be automatically added to a particular segment. You can now send content that is relevant to the subscriber.

Note: Based on the new or existing value, always consider how you will approach subscribers who have chosen more than one option. For example, you can create one campaign in several languages. You can see how to do that in another support article Campaigns in Several Languages.

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