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Last Updated: Apr 22 2019 07:17 pm UTC

Two-factor authentication, also commonly referred to as 2FA is an optional feature for extra strong security. It adds another layer of security to your account so if compromised or stolen, only you can log in.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Before you start, download an authentication application such as Authy1Password or LastPass Authenticator.

To enable two-factor authentication:

STEP 1 Go to your Account Settings and scroll down to Account Security

You will see if it is enabled or disabled in the brackets

STEP 2 Click "Enable Two-factor Authentication" to open a pop-up window


STEP 3 Scan the barcode with your application

STEP 3 Enter the six-digit code from the application (After scanning the barcode image, the app will display a six-digit code that you can enter below)

Note: Only input the secret key in your app instead, if you are not able to scan the code.

You will see a new window appear with recovery codes.

STEP 4 Save the codes by downloading them in TXT format, printing or/and copying them to the clipboard.

Note: You will only be able to proceed when the codes are saved.

Recovery codes should be only used to access your account in the event you cannot receive two-factor authentication codes from your app.

Note: Each security code can be used only once!

Two-Factor Authentication in Use

If two-factor authentication has been enabled, you will be asked for the security code after logging in with your e-mail and password.

STEP 1 Go to the login page

STEP 2 Enter the six-digit code from your code generation app




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