Subscription Plan - Pricing: Unsubscribed and Bounced Contacts - Not a Part of the Billing

Last Updated: Apr 14 2020 06:57 pm UTC

When you are migrating from another platform or a part of your database has unsubscribed or been bounced, you might start wondering if you are not overpaying.

Billing for Unsubscribed and Bounced Contacts

When purchasing a subscription plan you have a limit of contacts you are allowed to add — this means that you can not exceed the number of active subscribers that is in your plan.

The unsubscribed contacts are not counted as a part of your list so you are not paying extra for them.

It is the same with bounced contacts, however, note that only hard bounced emails are taken out of your list. You can learn more about different types of bounces in What Are The Different Types of Email Bounces

If you are migrating from another platform and want to import the unsubscribed emails and keep them that way, follow the instructions in Importing Unsubscribed Contacts From Another Platform

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