Create And Import Your List: Using Valid Contacts

Last Updated: Sep 17 2020 12:51 pm UTC

What do I need to do to make sure that my database is in compliance with Mailigen's terms and conditions?

We don't allow campaigns to be sent to contacts that haven't given direct consent to receive newsletters from you. Sending campaigns to these types of databases could potentially damage the reputation of your and our senders, which I'm sure none of us wants.
If just a part of your database has given consent to receive newsletters from you, there are two ways how you can filter them out and ensure that only these valid contacts receive your marketing content from Mailigen:

Filtering contacts in Mailigen

If you have already imported a list in Mailigen and you realize that it contains both valid contacts AND some which haven't opted-in, follow these steps to make sure you are not violating our terms and conditions.

  • First, you have to add a new custom field in your Mailigen contact list. We suggest giving it the title Marketing opt-in. Learn how to do that by checking the article about How to Edit your List Fields

  • When that's done, you have to add YES to all the contacts in your list that have opted in to receive campaigns from you. To do that check the article about How to Batch Update Your List.

  • Now create a segment for all the contacts that have given permission to receive campaigns from you.


  • When the segment is created, you can send your future campaigns to this segment only instead of the whole list. 

Alternatively, you can create a segment for the contacts that haven't given permission, unsubscribe the segment and you will be left with a list of all opt-in emails.


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