Working With Automation Series: Viewing Automation Series

Last Updated: Sep 26 2018 10:43 am UTC

Automation series are automated emails that are sent based on a specific trigger that you can set.

To view the current automation series,

  • Click on the My Automation series from the Automation Menu. This will open the Automation series Window.


The Automation series Window displays this information about campaigns:

  • Type of the trigger

 subscriber is added to a list or segment

 field value is updated

 specific date occurs

 specific automation is sent

 opens email or clicks on link


  • Automation status





  • Title—the name of the automation series. 
  • Lists/Segments—the lists or segments to whom the automation will be/has been sent
  • Last edited — the last time and date when the automation has been changed
  • Messages—the number of emails sent 
  • Began/completed series—number of emails that are in the series/has completed the series
  • AVG open rate—the average number of opens in the series

There are a number of things that you can do for each automation series listed:

  • Sort—you can sort the list by the name/time of the automation. To sort, click on the drop-down on the top right.
  • Duplicate—create an identical copy of the automation series. To create a copy, click on duplicate under actions-drop down.
  • Edit workflow—to edit the automation series, click on edit workflow under actions-drop down.
  • See reports — to see the reports, click on reports under actions-drop down.
  • Delete—check the box on the left and select the Delete Option above.

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