Create SMS Campaign: Viewing SMS Campaigns

Last Updated: May 17 2020 04:34 pm UTC

You can view all the SMS campaigns in one place, but in addition to that, you can change the view depending on your needs at the situation.

Opening the SMS Campaigns Window

Select the My SMS Campaigns option from the SMS Menu. This will open the SMS Window.

The SMS Window shows you all of your current processed campaigns. You can filter the list in a number of ways.

Filtering the Campaigns

  • Choose a group to show — click on this dropdown to choose a group to show/exclude or create a new group.

  • Find particular campaigns by the title — click on the magnifying glass icon to input the title or part of the title of the campaign/s you want to find.

  • Sort by the date campaign was created — dropdown next to the search icon lets you sort the campaigns by newest first or oldest first.

  • Sort by the title — dropdown next to the search icon lets you sort the list by ascending (A-Z) or descending titles (Z-A).

  • Sort by specific types of SMS Campaigns — click on the last dropdown on the right to show only campaigns in draft/sent/scheduled status.

​Actions with Campaigns

  • Edit—you can edit draft campaigns by placing your mouse over the campaign title you want to edit and clicking on it. You can also click on the Actions button on the right-hand side and choose the Edit option. This will open the SMS Campaign Window. For more information about editing a campaign, see the support topic How to Edit an SMS Campaign

Note: You can only edit campaigns that are in Draft status.
  • Duplicate—you can duplicate any SMS Campaign by clicking on the Actions button on the right-hand side and choosing the Duplicate option. You will be prompted to give a name to the duplicate campaign (a default one is provided) after which the copied campaign will appear in the list.

  • Delete — to delete a campaign, check the box on the left and select the Delete icon above. You can also click on the Actions button on the right-hand side and choose the Delete option. 

  • Add to a group — to add a campaign to one of the groups click on the Actions button on the right-hand side and choose the Add to a group option. 

SMS Campaign Reports

When a campaign has been completed, our system tabulates all the results and makes them available in SMS Campaign Report section. To view a report, click on Reports from the SMS menu dropdown.


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