Create New Survey: Viewing Online Surveys

Last Updated: Apr 19 2020 05:28 am UTC

You can create surveys that can be used separately or added as an addition to your campaigns.

Viewing Current Surveys

Click on the My Surveys option from the Surveys menu. This will open the Surveys Window.


The survey table displays all surveys that have been created:

  • Title—the title of the survey

  • Status—whether the survey is published, draft or sent

  • Date—the day the survey was created/activated/deactivated

The Surveys Window shows all of the published and draft surveys. The table of surveys can be sorted by clicking on the drop-downs located on the top right.

From the Surveys Window you can carry out a number of activities:

  • Create a New Survey—click the Create New Survey button to start a new survey or use a template

  • Delete a Survey—you can remove a survey by ticking its checkbox and clicking on the delete icon. Alternatively, you can select the Delete option under Actions drop-down.

  • Edit a survey—you can edit a survey by clicking on the survey name in the table or choosing the Edit option under the Actions drop-down.

  • Copy a survey—Click on the Duplicate option under Actions drop-down. This will provide you with the opportunity to enter the title of the copied survey which will be copied as a draft.

Note: You can ONLY edit surveys that are in “draft” mode.

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