Working With Automation Series: Webhooks in Automation Series

Last Updated: May 17 2020 02:08 pm UTC

We've upgraded our automation feature and now you can use webhooks to send information that the contact has reached a certain point in automation. 

Here's how it works: 

Simply click on Add Webhook

When you'll add this block, a pop-up window will open:

  • Title — the name of the webhook used to identify it,

  • Delay — with what delay, after reaching this block, the information should be sent,

  • URL — where the information will be sent,

  • Description — a brief description of the webhook.

When you're done, make sure to click Save.

Upon reaching this block and after the created delay, the specified link will receive a POST request with the following data: 


   "hook": "",

   "timestamp": 1551279299,

   "data": [


         "automation": "<Name>",

         "description": "<Description>",

         "contact": "<Contact Identification Number>",

         "list": "<List ID>>,

         "email": "<Contact email address>",

         "email_type": "<Preferred view of letters>",

         "fields": {

            "EMAIL": "<Contact email address>",

<All other fields in the "MERGEx" format: "Value">


         "subscriber_ip": "",

         "subscriber_ts": 1551276612,

         "confirm_ip": "",

         "confirm_ts": 1551276612,

         "optin_ip": "",

         "optin_ts": 0




Click here to learn more about Webhooks. 

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