Integrations: Webhooks + Zapier

Last Updated: Apr 15 2020 05:57 pm UTC

Zapier allows you to link two separate services together for any interactions. For example, you can receive the information about the e-mail opens and add this data to ZohoCRM.

Mailigen provides information about opened e-mails, clicks, unsubscribes, and changes to subscriber's information using webhooks, as well as information about subscribers' results in webhook blocks in automation series.

Zapier can “catch” such information, process it and send the data further. To do this, start with making a new zap:

Select Webhooks:

Choose the Catch Hook option:

Since this is Mailigen's webhook, the main information that will be necessary is stored in the "data" field, which should be entered in the next step:

Zapier will create a link for us where we will need to send webhooks. It is necessary to copy and paste it into the settings of the desired webhook:

Then you can check the webhook:


This completes the webhook transfer setup, and the resulting data can be transferred to any other application or services available in Zapier.

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