Account Manager: What Are The Different Types Of Permissions? What Do They Stand For?

Last Updated: Mar 16 2019 07:32 am UTC

In our platform, we have five levels of permissions: Account Manager, List Manager, Collaborator, Watcher, and Custom.

To give someone permission to access the account go to the User Management section. This is available on the right top corner of the page, under Account, in the drop-down menu.

By default you will see Owner as one of the types as well - the Owner is the creator of the account.

By clicking on the “Add A User” button you will be redirected to the invitation page where you will be able to choose permission levels for your sub-users.

Permission types available:

  • Account Manager – the Account Manager has full access but s/he cannot close the account. Only the account creator (Owner) can close the account.
  • List Manager - this user can access lists, add, edit, unsubscribe and delete contacts. You can select which lists will be available to this user.
  • Collaborator - has full access to the email and SMS campaigns, create and edit templates, but s/he cannot send campaigns.
  • Watcher - can access reports, export overview XLS and PDF reports. S/he can also see individual subscriber details, but cannot export them.
  • Custom - create custom permission schemes, select which actions are allowed. See detailed information below:

The custom list, campaign and automation management is based on the same principles when it comes to choosing a particular campaign, list, automation or group.


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