Webhooks: What Are Webhooks And How Set Them Up?

Last Updated: Apr 21 2020 08:57 am UTC

Using Webhooks your server is notified about activities with your contact lists. You can configure what type of event updates you would like to receive at your account's Webhooks page.

Steps to create Webhooks:

Go to the Webhooks page in your account,

Click on Create A New Webhook and a pop-up window will appear. You have to enter the following information:

  • Title - use an action or word, which you will understand later
  • Choose a List from the dropdown - you will get notifications about this list only
Note: Every Webhook is bound to only one list. In case you have more than one list, you will need to create more than one webhook.  
  • Enter URL that you have created. This is a specific place on your server for Webhook messages.
  • Add a Security Key (Optional) - You can enter a key (up to 100 characters). By using this specific key your Webhook calls will be signed. This way (by checking the key) you can validate yourself that the message sent via Webhook is trusted and originates from our platform. 
  • Send updates made by - defines the involved party. You can choose any combination of parties.
  • Trigger on - an action made by a previously checked party.

When you're done, click the ''Submit'' button.

When all necessary checkboxes have been chosen and saved, you will start to receive notifications to the upper mentioned URL. 

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