Email Campaign Tracking: What is Click Tracking?

Last Updated: May 14 2020 03:12 pm UTC

Click tracking captures statistics on links that are clicked within email campaigns, autoresponders, and SMS campaigns.

Our system calculates links accordingly:

  • Unique Clicks — This shows the number of unique subscribers that clicked on any link in your campaign. If a single subscriber clicks 3 links, this number is still 1.
  • Unique Click rate— This shows you how engaging your campaign was. Of your subscribers that Opened your campaign, what % interacted (clicked on any link). It is calculated using Unique Clicks/Unique Opens.
  • Total Clicks — we keep a running total of all links that are clicked. This includes the same link being clicked by the same person multiple times.
  • Total Click rate — This shows how engaging your campaign is in total. It is calculated using Total Clicks/Emails Delivered.
  • Average Clicks per Active Subscriber — This shows how many links an average subscriber clicked in your campaign. It is calculated  using Total Clicks/Unique Clicks

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