Working With Automation Series: What Kind of Triggers Can I Use for My Automation?

Last Updated: Sep 11 2020 12:09 pm UTC

There are five types of triggers available in our platform:

  • Subscribed to a list or segment 
  • Specific date occurs 
  • The campaign was opened, clicked or sent 
  • previous Automation series has ended

In this article, we will look more closely at each of these triggers.

Subscribed to a list or segment or updated

A new contact joins the...

This trigger type can be used to start the automation series when people subscribe to receive newsletters, or they are added to the list manually, for example, uploaded. As soon as a user is added to the list — emails will start sending.

This trigger can also be used when a user is added to the segment. For example, if there is a segment based on gender then as soon as gender is added, then the automation series will begin to send.

A contact is updated in...

When a value of a field in the list changes — the automation series will begin to send. You can set up for a field to change to a different value based on your users' behaviour, for example, when a user purchases something or a subscriber adds some kind of additional info about themselves. The possibilities are endless.

Specific date occurs

You can use this trigger type to send emails when a specific date occurs, for example, birthdays, license renewals, insurance renewals, etc.

For this automation series to work you need to have a field in your list with field type “date“.

The campaign was opened, clicked or sent

You can set up automation series to start when a specific campaign has been sent, opened or any or specific link has been clicked.

Automation series has ended

When creating an automation series you can add the “Endpoint“ block. That will indicate that automation series is completed and users have finished automation series.

When a user finishes one automation series, you can set up that a user automatically enrols in a new automation series. For example, you can use this trigger to send education emails about products you have, different offers, etc.

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